I Interrupt This Perception of a "Bad Time to Sell" for
a Big Smack in the Back of the Head...or Two!...

#1. By now, you've hopefully figured out by hearing me on radio and television that I DO NOT buy the "hype" being spewed out of the mouths of reporters, wirters and so-called "experts" out there bashing the real estate market. By now I hope you also know that SELLING your home for a lot of money IS entirely possible (I do this for people every day) IF you are DEVOTED to doing it right. I've said it a million times before-this ain't brain surgery my friends. Gotta have a real strategy-gotta get your team behind you like you're Peyton Manning leading a 4th quarter drive from your own 20 yard line, down 6 points in the Super Bowl-gotta give it 1000% effort every day, every play. You can't "play to not lose" or you will-you can't be as lazy as your neighbors who didn't sell or you won't either. And you certainly can't trust your winning or losing on an agent who doesn't have a track record as a champ himself..It's an expensive error.

#2. Also-by now you should have heard my unbelievable offer to let you jump on the bus with my super homeselling team of all stars for a 70% discount!*-If you haven't heard or seen the ad then you need to wake up earlier and stick your head out the front door more often-our signs are popping up everywhere! I am making this crazy offer in an attempt to legally BRIBE homesellers like yourself into letting me prove these market "doom and gloomers" wrong-and the insanity of my personal war against the naysayers is proving to be pretty darn irresistable-I literally am experiencing waiting lists every week of anxious homesellers who are tired of aimlessly swinging the bat with minor league homeselling rookies, and are anxious to make the leap to the big show! O.K. enough with the sports analogies...let's get really serious for a minute. In recent weeks I've been turning people away from my offer and the coming weeks will be NO different. I simply cannot afford to make this offer to people who are not dead set serious about selling their homes. If you'd be inclined to respond "well, I just thought I'd try it for kicks" when I ask why you're selling-I AM NOT THE AGENT FOR YOU. This offer works on volume-not generosity or my charity. I am a serious business person offering you a valuable service and I just won't do business with time-wasting clients. You see, I am NOT offering discount service. I AM offering my full-blown suite of marketing tricks and unrivaled services that have catapulted me to the top of the real estate world in recent years-The very same services that have put literally thousands of extra dollars right in the pockets of my homeselling clients when other agents told them it couldn't be done. I've run the numbers in my head hundreds of times, even in my sleep, like a busy accountant pulling his hair out on April 14th, and this whole thing works for me and for you ONLY with the right formula: serious sellers + perfectly positioned properties + precise marketing = profitable sales. Good news is that it's working exactly according to plan and we're selling tons of homes while other agents are crying the blues. How do I "get" the right clients to make this work? Easy.....I give something very rare to clients. I give flexibility and options-two things shunned by the old-schoolers in the real estate business. I've done this long enough to figure out that this isn't a "one shoe fits all" proposition. I'm not going to fly in on my magic carpet, feed you the same potion as the last guy, give you a "fixed" price that you MUST pay for my magic then fly away and disappear-not me! Instead, I am going to offer you a giant suite of powerful services that are proven to sell homes for more money. Then, I'm going to give you the flexibility to pick and choose from these award-winning services and to pay for ONLY the ones you feel that you need-revolutionary huh?-but not magical. I'm no brain surgeon, but even when I was a kid I certainly knew that if I had the best bait that I'd always catch the best fish. I also knew that if I had stinky bait I'd catch nothing but catfish-bottom dwellers. Well, I'll leave the whiskered-flatheads to the other agents and I'll keep loading the beautiful Marlin into my boat! So you see-there's the formula at it's finest. My program is attracting the right clients by the dozens and I've got a full catch at the end of every day. I'm the guy at the docks who every other captain envies and who every "real" customer wants to brave the high seas with. And for now I'm happy to have welcome as many new clients on board as I can handle but I can't keep it up for long. My net can only be stretched so far-once it's full I'll reel in my lines and head out to sea at a more manageable cruising speed. So-If the alluring once-in-a-lifetime, sweeter-than-honey bait that I'm dangling in front of you right now smells like something you'd like to latch your teeth into-then do it now-do it fast. I'm not exaggerating about the volume of calls flooding my office since the ads started running on August 1. I am very "big" on taking care of existing clients and I absolutely WILL NOT take on too many new ones and let the service ball drop on those who I already owe my loyalty to. When I reach the tipping point (and it's coming soon) I'm pulling the ads and the offer without warning and that's it-end of story. My staff is already stretched at the seams trying to handle calls, so for now, to accommodate all the requests, I've put my scheduler on-line so you can see exactly what times are available and you can reserve your appointment before it's taken. DO NOT ride out the waves of this turbulent market with a weak marketing plan-it's got a WICKED undertow. If you foolishly chance the currents-too bad for you. I'll see ya' next season (oh yeah-you'll still be here shivering with severe home seller shock while MY clients are sipping Margaritas in their warm new private paradises).

Get on the right course now! Fill out the form below to get on my schedule as a priority seller and...Start Packing!

Jim Striegel
Jim Striegel, The Real Estate Connection, LLC 

Coldwell Banker - Real Estate Solutions

P.S. When you list your home with me, you will not only save 70%* but I'll also give you access to special pre-negotiated Home Staging rates for my clients. This is just one of the many high profit "Secrets" (remember "perfectly positioned properties" from above) that you'll discover when you hire me to SELL your home. Reasonable prices, Flexibility and High Profit Tools....kind of a "no brainer" huh?

*70% discount is on "Listing side" of commission and must be pre-paid at time of listing. Seller remains responsible for payment of "Selling side" of commission that seller elects to pay at closing. "No Refunds"-All pre-paid listing commissions are considered earned when paid as payment for listing in MLS and are non-refundable for any reason including errors. Minimum $1000 pre-paid commission.

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